Final Evaluation

At the start of this project I had set myself on the idea of making a sign-painted piece using the styling of vintage posters as inspiration, which I had carried on with through most of the project. This was all before I had decided which issue to pursue, in the beginning I had the few ideas of looking at various topics from the angle most won’t, being environmental, political or slightly conspiracy based. Over time I lent toward choosing the brainwashing based topic, however I began to feel that it may end up too controversial to the point of most people completely shutting out any other views, therefore I altered it slightly to lean more towards propaganda and  Indoctrination which in order to manage it into something more focused and driven I began to concentrate in on the power of words.

The reason I had decide to pursue this topic is because I feel that most people now are too negative and too opinionated, they refused to accept something if it clashes with what they have always believe. People also tend to, without thinking, confess things that if they hadn’t confessed may not ever have happened and if they had confessed something else may have improved their situation, examples are people often say they can’t, which if you say you can’t then YOU CAN’T and people who complain about being ill and always act as such then they will improve their health a lot slower.

Throughout the project I have faced many difficulties such as simply have a creative block, not feeling that my project met up to the ‘awareness’ aspect as I had set myself to much with the idea of wanting to create the sign-painted piece and couldn’t drag myself to change this until too late where my final difficulty started and I had too many things I wish I could have done but didn’t have anymore time therefore to create anything physical to show how it will be only ended up with concepts of how it could be.

However this project has a few major high points, I have learned the most in the project and feel it has been a great help into help me to change for the upcoming final project where I will completely rethink and restudy development to reach heights in design that I have never thought possible for me before. Before this project I knew almost nothing about Photoshop and InDesign, however the main part of the final designs have been done using both of those, with very little being done on illustrator which I have also improved a little more on too, however I already knew quite a bit of using illustrator already. Not only the work produced for the final designs but the work put into experimenting in order to reach these designs has taught me a lot too.

The materials used to create this project has been quite simple and very minimal except from the materials used for experimenting and for the workshops, the only materials used to produce the project were the standard pencil and paper for traditional design work and also heavily relying on maths equipment such as a compass, ruler and protractor.

Maths has played a big part in my design work, all my handmade fonts are made using measurements and geometry building fonts from circles and rectangles which have been measured carefully to keep a consistent line weight through the text and to keep the kerning at a even distance.

Also as you could expect english has been a huge part of my project with it being the power of words, I have had to research new and unusual words I have never even heard of to create interesting branding for my coffee’s and tea’s.

As always this project hasn’t gone to plan, I ended up in a completely different place to where I expected to be at this point, however I don’t regret where I have ended up, although my end project looks simple it is far more complex and interesting than my other idea ever could have been. I has ended up as a coffee branding where buying coffee is intended to make you think about the words you are buying also, playing with the idea of words being costly depending on how you use them, the idea to inspire the issue of the power of words which again is far more complex than you’d expect focusing of many issues the miss use of words can have, with them being one of the most powerful resources available to mankind, with the power to create and destroy.

Others may not completely understand the depth of my work as my ideas only end up showing the tip of the iceberg, as they would just end up too complicated and probably not work overall if I had found away of cramming that much information in.

Between now and the next project I intend to study up on development using a book I received for christmas but haven’t got down into the nitty gritty of yet, I hope that with this I can completely rethink my design process to make it more efficient and to produce a better, more professional and more in depth final outcome for the next project. Also taking into account all the things I have learned and all the mistakes to further improve through the next project. Finally I hope to cut down on the artist research I do at the start of the project and to refine this research to make it more relevant and useful later into the project.

Overall I am relatively happy with outcome of the project, although I haven’t managed to get everything done that I had wanted to I feel that I have received more positives than negatives from this project and hope this will only improve into the next project.






Menu board design development

To add more broadness to my concept over it just being coffee/tea cups I decided to create a menu board for my coffee shop.

The idea of this design is to make it like you are ordering your words off a menu showing that some words can be more expensive or impactful than others like coffee or tea can. I also chose to base it around a café because they often thought of as places to relax and have conversations (meaning words will be used a lot) therefore a great business to base my project around.

At first I tried to keep to the colour schemes of the earlier of the finished designs even adding some more victorian style flourishing used in one of the unused designs.

menu designs.jpg

menu designs 1.jpg

I then decided to make the design more like its drawn on a black board so changed the colour scheme of the menu to be mainly white on black.

menu designs 2.jpg

menu designs 3.jpg

menu designs 4.jpg

menu designs 5.jpg

I changed the design to incorporate the new logo I had created and also simplified the designs somewhat to give it a clean yet rustic feel.


words café menu front.jpg


words café menu back.jpg


words café menu joined.jpg


In action

in action menu.png


Powerful/fancy descriptive words

Fancy words to potentially use for my coffee branding.

Munificent lavish, generous

Equanimous even, balanced

Effulgent brilliantly radiant

Efficacious producing a desired effect

Arcadian serene

Comely attractive

Incendiary inflammatory, spontaneously combustible, hot

Jocular jesting, playful

Salubrious healthful

Wheedling flattering

Ambrosia something overpoweringly delicious or fragrant

Capriccio music, improvisation, without adherence to rules

Capriccioso music, lively and free of restraint, restriction, or direction

Coruscate sparkle; reflect brightly; shimmer

Effervesce to bubble over; to boil with frothy bubbles; to excite

Effleurage a light, stroking movement used in massage; a soft caress

Elysian blissful, delightful

Ensconce establish or settle in a safe, secure, or comfy place

Ethereal heavenly; airy in substance; spectral; insubstantial and light

Euphonious nice-sounding; sounding pretty

Euphoria feeling of great happiness or well-being; felicity

Lambent glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance

Mellifluous flowing with sweetness or honey; smooth and sweet, often of a sound or voice

Mythopoeic pertaining to the making of myths

Soigné elegant; sophisticated; well-groomed

Delitescent hidden, concealed; kept secret

Kismet fate; fortune; chance; faith in fate, chance, or fortune


Packaging design – Coffee

Results of mockup design packaging of coffee cups for coffee shop branding, I a hope of giving my artwork a more practical aspect allowing it to be seen in action.

120z cups

Mass Transit packaging –

12 oz transit coffee.png

Orange Victorian fence coffee –

12 oz orange and blue.png

Orange word choice coffee –

Placing a different word on each coffee cup.

Wonderous Coffee –

12 oz wonderous.png

Courage Coffee –

12 oz courage.png

Uplifting Coffee – 

12 oz uplifting.png

Miracle Coffee –

12 oz miracle.png

Eye-Opening Coffee –

12 oz eye-opening.png

Hypnotic Coffee –

12 oz hypnotic.png

Breathtaking Coffee –

12 oz breathtaking.png

All cups –

12 oz all orange word designs.png

Poster ad –

words coffee no words.jpg

Poster ad with words –

words coffee .jpg

Poster ad with banner –

words coffee banner.jpg

After playing around with a new style, experimenting around trying to create a more unusual menu design I created a new logo for the coffee shop which the majority of people I spoke to preferred.

words cafe interlocking-03.png

So I changed the logos around on the cup design which again people seemed to prefer.

words cafe interlocking-07.png

12 oz elysian esspresso.png

I then began playing around with the order of the chosen colour scheme.

12 oz munificent mocha black.png

12 oz munificent mocha black 2.png

I then decided I liked the orange lid version best so I kept that one. Next I changed the orange for green to make some disposable tea cups. I couldn’t get the green lid to work so I made the tea cup more similar to the second black cup design above.

12 oz soigné silver needle black 2.png

I changed the word on the coffee bag in the background to tea and got rid of the coffee beans in the foreground and replaced them with fresh tea leaves.

I have also changed the words on the cup to make them more connected to ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ and making all the descriptive words begin with the same letter as the first letter of the blend of coffee/tea using alliteration to increase the impact of the words.

In order to match the final tea cup design I tried making the lid of the coffee cup white.

12 oz munificent mocha black white lid.png


Medium final ideas

I have begun to think that my project is becoming too focused on me rather than designing around the resolving the problem to the issue, therefore I have decided to place my designs on some other form of media rather than making a sign painted piece, my ideas are to place my designs on either a chocolate box with the wrapper of each wrapper having a different word, a coffee shop with my designs on sides of cups and on the posters around the walls, maybe both or something else.

coffee cups-01.png

coffee cups-02.png

coffee cups-03.png

Mockup sleeve 1

mockup packaging experimenting attempt 1.jpg

Mockup sleeve 1 on cup

coffee sleeve mockup.png

Mockup sleeve 2 on cup

coffee sleeve mockup retro.jpg

Mockup transit black

transit coffee 2.jpg

Design 6 further development

Design 22


I remade the piece in illustrator getting rid of the flourishes and the mash up of fonts.

signpainting design 6-01.png

I then inverted the whole thing making it white on black taking inspiration from blackboard menus for the border with text being inspired from old mass transit signage.

signpainting design 6-02.png

Design 5 further development

Design 20


After redrawing the piece in illustrator I started playing around with the different fonts to see what works best.

designs 5 signpainting-01.png

designs 5 signpainting-02.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-03.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-04.png

And then I decided to try out using a different font other than Argö, and since it’s designed to a sign-painted piece I decided to try the sign painting script font. (Which I prefer on this design.)designs 5 signpainting-06.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-07.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-09.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-08.png

Then I began to play around with a few colour schemes.

signpainting design 5-11.pngsignpainting design 5-10.pngsignpainting design 5-13.pngsignpainting design 5-12.pngsignpainting design 5-14.pngsignpainting design 5-15.pngsignpainting design 5-16.pngsignpainting design 5-17.png