Final evaluation

I have various mixed feelings with this project, overall I am happy with the outcome however it is very far from the mental picture I had in the beginning.

To start I had depicted a very clean minimal book with parts which are brightly coloured; some of which stayed to the end. The thing that came out in the final design that I wasn’t really picturing in the design was the scruffiness of the contents, I expect this to come out a lot cleaner.

This project, like all before it, started as a simple concept that I could clearly see the end of the road. When travelling down this road towards the production the process seemed to become more and more complicated; this lead to important decision needing to be made on things which I hadn’t really thought of. Careful planning became significant for things like printing and binding.

Through this project the things that have interested me the most is utilising skills and techniques which have absolutely nothing to do with the project and it’s techniques and using them in such a way that can improve the existing relevant techniques commonly used for similar projects. the second most interesting thing for me has been learning about the two new mediums I haven’t thought about or considered before, the letterpress and bookbinding, both of these have been things that I have been considering learning but I had thought this wouldn’t happen until I started University but through this brief which I chose with the intention of moving on to development quickly has enabled me to utilise both and learn about them in depth.

Judging by others reactions when seeing the end result of my project, this seems to portray that the aim of the brief has been achieved, that the book has been able to draw out a reaction of captivation towards the design of the book, creating an interest into how the book was made.

Through this project I have discovered new ways of utilising techniques across different mediums in a number of ways in order to get different effects or in order to work around any barriers and limitations that may appear as a result of lack of resources. This has enabled me to create a letterpress effect even when I only have a limited number of letter-blocks. I have also learned how to do bookbinding through this project, a craft which I knew nothing about before the project began.

In this project I have cut back on the number of things I have researched and focused on the depth of those few subject areas, cutting down from 10+ artists to just 3 and utilising them in any way I can in the project, this has lead to the quality of my work improving drastically. For the research I had also been relying on other sources outside the internet a lot more, 90% of the artists research was acquired from books written by that artist themselves and a large quantity of research done for the book binding processes was from workshops I went to myself, book extracts given by my tutor and YouTube tutorials.

For the production of this book many forms of media were used. The design of the book was done first through rough sketch and then developed through digital means, using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. The production of the book was first done using screen printing followed by pressing letter-blocks and finally bound and covered using bookbinding techniques.

Though there have been many ups and downs in this project the end result has become something that I am happy with. In future projects I am going to take forward everything that has gone well throughout this project, from the development, to the techniques that I have acquired though this. Thing I will change however is the amount of experimenting I should do to minimise the number of problems, this has been something I had been struggling with, I also hope to cut down on the amount of time spent not doing anything that wastes time, as many times I have found myself giving myself work just so that I don’t have to move onto the next stage yet, this happened when it came to screen printing I kept holding off on starting and ended up starting a week later than I could have done.





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