Book contents development – About this book

This is the final page in the whole book with information on, this will have a small amount of information depicting what the purpose of the book is and will have a basic overview of how the book was produced.

This book was designed for the purpose of attacking an interest in designers and creative professionals into the world of bookbinding in order to revive a traditional artform which is slowly dying out. This is also the reason for the use of paper and letterpress inspired artwork by combining multiple dying techniques to create an enticing work of art and amplify its effects.
To make this book variations of the techniques were combined along with a few of those shown in this book. I used the basics of Coptic binding to bind the text block onto which I have glued a strip of mull whereupon I have attached the cover consisting of two large pieces of cardboard for the front and back and a thinner piece for the spine; this card was wrapped in fabric for both added strength and to improve the appearance.’

This page will be very minimalist taking small design elements from the contents page, with the opposite intention this time, instead of having a very brief overview of the book, this time summarising what the reader has seen and how that was used in the book itself.

Page design –

About this book page.jpg


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