Book contents development – book title/about bookbinding

Originally I wanted to create a spread title page with a distorted ‘B’ spread across both signalling a ‘BB’ for ‘Book Binding’, however after development and laying out the pages in viewing order (as they will appear when finished) this page just didn’t fit when alongside all the other pages I wanted to include. So from this I decided to merge this together with another page; the ‘About Bookbinding’ page.

In order to create this I needed to distort a ‘B’, the problem was I couldn’t create the effect I wanted so I decided to print (it ended up being drawn) two ‘B’s on separate pieces of paper and distorting them in various ways.

The B used-


Taking these two sheets I experimented with distorting them in various ways.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 I then chose my favourite few distortions and ended up with these 4.


After putting each photo through photoshop in order to select just the letters I have ended up with these four.

B version 1B version 2B version 3B version 4

Next was to experiment with merging them together.

B version 5.jpg

B version 6.jpg

B version 7.jpg

I then took these images to make them a little smother in Illustrator where I am going to resize them ready to be arranged with text in InDesign.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.37.57.png

Choosing my favourite four out of the eight I took these into InDesign where I added some information about bookbinding to them and altered the positioning a little.

About bookbinding final choices 1st.jpg

About bookbinding final choices 2nd.jpgAbout bookbinding final choices 3rd.jpgAbout bookbinding final choices 4th.jpg


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