Book contents development – contents page

For this page it will be more minimal that most of the book, keeping it simple and sticking to the relevant information.

One idea for this is to utilise the colour pages that I don’t use for the inside of the cover page. I could cut shapes or patterns into one of these and have a bit of depth to the contents page; having the information visible through the holes when the pages are overlapped.

Another idea is following in suit with other designs used in graphic design books where I can use typefaces in effective yet simple ways to make an appealing introduction to the book.

For this I felt the block type ‘font’ that I have been using for the rest of the book won’t fit well as it is too tall and therefore to fix this I began trying to create a more compressed block type look with existing digital fonts. Taking a font I utilised my knowledge of adding ‘fake’ textures to images and text to make them look printed I took a letterpress texture and over laid it on top of the font to create a block text look.

323250ca10ed801659fa1aac01bab50f copy copy.png

Finally rearranging them in the order I needed.

contents title cut.jpg

The texture overall left more to be desired with parts fading out and being unreadable so I filled in some areas to both fix this problem and to make the texture look more natural.

From here I arranged it in various ways experimenting with different positioning based on different contents pages found in various design magazines and books. However the majority gave me the same feeling my first illustrations gave me, none of them gave me the right feeling that I had been searching for, however they did make me realise that I needed to simplify them more.

Contents page designs 1.jpg

Contents page designs 2.jpg

Contents page designs 3.jpg

Contents page designs 4.jpg

Contents page designs 5.jpg

Contents page designs 6.jpg

Contents page designs 7.jpg

Contents page designs 8.jpgContents page designs 9.jpg

Feeling that I could see the most potential coming from the final design, although the others had nice texture use, I printed it out and drew on the page numbers to see what it’d look like finished.

scan-0001 copy.jpgThough the page numbers are not accurate because I don’t have clear idea of what they will be and most likely will only know when the book is finished because of the problems I may face and pages I may add that I don’t know of yet.

In order to add a little more of a free flow handmade look to the page I tried adding a dry brush stroke to underline the title of the page.

scan-0001 copy 2.jpg

Placed alongside the page numbers as they are at the moment.

Contents page designs v3.jpg

Contents page designs v3.2.jpg

Contents page designs v3.3.jpg

Contents page designs v3.4.jpg

After getting some feedback I have discovered the preferred design of these is the last of the brush experiments, which is the lightest of the brush strokes and the first I drew.

The next step will be to print the designs however the page numbers can’t be for certain yet so I’ll need to find some way to fix this if the numbers do change so that it doesn’t effect the pace of the production.

After thinking it through I decided to make the contents page even more simple and also make it into the title page for the whole book and possibly scrapping the page numbers all together since the numbers won’t be in the rest of the book and will just make the printing harder because I don’t know what the page numbers will be.

So I tried changing the ‘contents’ to another word because I didn’t like the word being used and decided to use my project title which was ‘book of books’ which I thought sounded too much like an encyclopedia, so I changed it to ‘book on books’ which I felt sounded less like an encyclopedia.

Then after looking through my typographic development post I saw a design I had really liked but didn’t use because the file got corrupted and thought that since I hadn’t used it then why not use it now; and began designing around this.


And here is the result from this.

book on books mod.jpg

Then in InDesign I arranged this in a more simplified way on the ‘contents page’ adding a box around the edge to separate the list and the title.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.24.15.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.23.59.png







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