Book contents development – Typographic half

Typographic/process page development

As said before these will be styled around mantra posters and Anthony Burrill’s work. Focusing on them being easily read, short, snappy and aesthetically pleasing in a minimal way using nice typefaces and errors found often in handmade printwork.

Typeface choices:

  • Plak Condensed
  • Futura Display
  • Futura
  • Gotham
  • League Gothic
  • Chunk

The typography can be just as important as the colour in influencing the viewers emotions when looking at the piece sometimes more so in a two tone graphic where the type will have to carry both’s burdens. This means the typeface choice could and will be essential in make the correct impact on the reader.

These pieces will most likely be all uppercase, though this may harm the legibility it will improve the aesthetics and impact to some extent.


Futura Display





League Gothic



I began by tying to lay out a few of the lines from the process I made the illustrations so far for.

Plak –

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 16.01.06.png

Futura display –

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 16.01.16.png

I think that I will need to cut down on the word count for some off the phrases, as these above, although the left isn’t as bad, are too long for the look I’m going for so each process may need a third or fourth run through to cut them back.

Flicking through the ‘Make it now!’ by Anthony Burrill I have found a really nice textured font which he himself uses a lot, though he himself does’t know what it is, it is a font which he obtained from a friend in Jamaica who got it from an old print shop there.



scan-0001 (1) copy.jpg

scan-0001 (2) copy.jpg

scan-0001 (2) copy 2.jpg

From these fonts gained by scanning them in from the Anthony Burrill book I have rearranged the letters in the order of the sentences I have refined by writing them out and rewriting them until they are short and snappy enough to become individual typographic pieces whilst still retaining enough information to accurately portray the meaning to the audience.

Stab binding process

Arange the paper block basic 2.png

Arange the paper block basic 3.png

The design with a bit of extra info at the bottom to both save on space and make the process easier to follow.

Arrange the paper block ind 2.jpg

I then tried to print this design on a really thin newspaper like paper but it kept getting stuck in the printer causing the print to mess up, however from this the mistakes were actually very nice and I may look into experimenting to achieve a similar effect during the screen printing process to make a few ‘pages of madness’, creative explosions of type and shape to add variety and abnormality to the book making it more interesting and less repetitive. This could even link to certain arts movements like dadaism and by taking these and mixing them with the artists I’ve researched I could really end up with something unusual and successful created from something that was unsuccessful.

scan-0001 copy.jpg

scan-0001 copy 2.jpg


Second typographic page of the stab binding. Here I am experimenting with various layouts trying to keep it different from the previous.

Wrap around the edge 1.png

Wrap around the edge 2.png

Wrap around the edge 3.png

Wrap around the edge 4.png

I then began trying to use the wording of the sentence as an action verb for the layout.

Wrap around the edge 5.png

Wrap around the edge 6.png

Which I don’t particularly like, for the reason of,  for one it’s too all over the place to leave any space for the extra information which if included with these although vital to get the message across will look a mess.

Third and final step of the coptic binding.

This first layout makes use of the full stop to show it’s the end and as a sign for the ‘hole’.

Repeat this for all holes 1.png

Repeat this for all holes 2.png

This third version has been enlarged for the words ‘repeat’ and ‘all’ to bring emphasis to them.

Repeat this for all holes 3.png

From here I took all the designs into InDesign and after resizing them I added a small amount of additional information at the bottom .

Here are the final designs for the stab binding process.

Stage 1 –

Stab binding typography.jpg

Stage 2 –

Stab binding typography2.jpg


Stab binding typography3.jpg

Stage 3 –

Stab binding typography4.jpg

Next to be arranged were the stages for the coptic binding process.

Punch holes into the cover 1.png

Punch holes into the cover 2.png

Punch holes into the cover 3.png

Punch holes into the cover 5.pngPunch holes into the cover 4.png


Second stage.

Commence sewing 1.png

Commence sewing 2.png

Commence sewing 3.png

Third stage

Go back the opposite way 1.png

Go back the opposite way 2.png

Go back the opposite way 3.png

Go back the opposite way 4.png

Final stage of Coptic binding process designs.

Bind on the back cover 1.png

Bind on the back cover 2.png

Bind on the back cover 3.png

Kettle stitch process designs.

Stage 1 shows puts emphasis on the down and places all words on the ‘left’.

Loop down through the left 1.png

Stage 2 places most of the words on the left except the word ‘right’ which is on the right.

Come out of the right 1.png

And then finally repeat.


With some of the files becoming corrupt and no longer being able to open them I’ve had to remake a few of them and with people preferring the designs that followed the sentence using the words as action verbs to create a layout. From this I used the opportunity to recreate a few whilst being influenced by this, experimenting with overlapping, positioning and cutting out to create new designs, some of which worked well others did not.

bind on the back cover experiment.png

bind on the back cover 3.png

Go back the opposite way 5.png

Loop down through the left 1v2.png

Final typographic page designs

Stab –

Stab binding typography.jpg

Stab binding typography2.jpg

Stab binding typography3.jpg

Coptic –

Coptic binding typography.v2.jpg

Coptic binding typography.v22.jpg

Coptic binding typography.v23.jpg

Coptic binding typography.v24.jpg

Kettle stitch –

Kettle stitch typography.jpg

Kettle stitch typography2.jpg

Kettle stitch typography3.jpg


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