Progression of ideas


Reading back through all the research I have done so far and one common thing was appearing relevant throughout which I hadn’t been paying any attention to before which was the collecting, collecting scraps, different types of paper and collecting old junk. This has lead me to come up with a small branch idea of making the book look more like a scrap book, this may not necessarily be a ‘scrapbook’ but made to look like one opposed to the normal minimalistic print work based design books that you often find designers awestruck over.

From this ‘scapbook’ concept I have generated two ideas, one of a journal inspired by the treasure hunter journals from the likes of Indiana Jones and the Uncharted series and the other being a clutter of junk collected into a book onto which the processes are printed onto which is inspired by all three of the artists research. Both of these would be calf bound books using leather to make a book that looks slightly more traditional. These ideas will be extremely difficult to pull off, however this will create a unique process book that probably hasn’t been done before, there will be a fine line between getting it right and wrong.

On top of this idea there is also my original of making a minimalistic book utilising the more modern bookbinding techniques such as bradel binding and stab binding, this design will be based around using techniques and knowledge gained from studying all three artists to create the book, this design will most likely end up being typographic based and containing minimal illustrations. This design will also be designed to contained small light humour, the others may do too. The downside to this design is that the design may seem too over done, meaning it will have to contain something to give it that edge over the others.


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