G.F. Smith


G.F. Smith is a company that specialises in selling nice paper, a paper smith, they have a range of paper from plain paper to brightly coloured heavy textured thick paper with a huge variety. Their aim is to bring awareness and exposure of paper to encourage others to get an interest and enthusiasm for paper. People who would be interested in this companies products or philosophy are those who appreciate good design and love simple colour and texture presented nicely.


G.F. Smith is a company with a very long heritage, dating back to 1885, founded by George Frederick Smith. ‘George Frederick Smith was a man with a singular passion for paper. Both he and his son were driven by a belief in its beauty and possibilities and shared an admiration for the craft of the printers and publishers that used it. In 1885 George founded G . F Smith & Son as a paper merchant. It was his vision and ambition that steered the company through challenging times; his belief in the business saw him expand its horizons.'(G.F. Smith,2017)

‘Above all else, George Frederick Smith was celebrated for his passion for paper, and if our predecessor left just one thing we are proud to embody it is this. Paper defined his era, and despite much evidence to the contrary, it defines ours. The world might have changed; our love of paper and its possibilities has not.'(G.F. Smith,2017)


Throughout their history G.F. Smith have been exploring the globe in search of techniques and materials to create their own library of paper with a huge variety creating a minimalist collection that generate a large amount of interest.

Soon after these world travels the company begins to feel the problems faced during the world wars, the company even got taken in as a state business in America limiting the progress they could make as a company. In 1963 they regained ownership of the company and could progress and make decisions about their future as they previously had.

In 1965 Graphic design was established as a course in art schools, this lead to a huge influx of new and innovative designers graduating from those schools, transforming the way graphic design was created and viewed. Which lead to the companies biggest client to be the designers as graphic design brought the design to paper, making the paper become in high demand.

Through out the company’s lifetime they have produced countless booklets containing samples of paper which is still going on even today, these books have grown in size over the years along with the collection of their types of paper.

Their paper catalogue is a really good potential source of inspiration for my project of creating a bookbinding company and/or a nice aesthetically appeasing book. This paired up with Anthony Burrill and Aaron Draplin’s work, if used correctly, could influence a really successful and unique outcome that would appeal to all.





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