17/03/2017 reflection

I’ve kept to my action plan reasonably well, I am a bit behind as I haven’t started the artist research yet, however I have made great progress in other areas, exploring more in depth into topics I had already started my research on and I have decided which artists I will research.

The group talk we had earlier in the week at first made me more confused at which way to progress but after a day or so of consideration and more research I have already over come that and I am back onto my focused track of development. For my artist research I have decided to choose artists which have a great deal of information on them and have great relevance to my project whilst still choosing artists whose art have great versatile potential in case of the chance of me completely changing my idea.

Next week I will begin to study these artists and explore their techniques some of which I have already begun to incorporate their developmental methods into my own from my own personal study in my free time. I will also begin to collect together materials to begin experimenting and making my own books through the bookbinding methods I have researched.


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