10/03/2017 Reflection

This week has been very productive. Although I haven’t made an progress with coming to a solution with the project I feel I have discovered what I need to do in order to get the best end result.

I am, because of trying to refine my research a lot, have fallen behind slightly with my time plan; however now i’ve begun to slow down my development speed a little to go more in depth and to create an additional PDF file to present the development nicely. This may mean I will have to reflect on my time plan itself and adjust it in order to accommodate the new extra research I may have to do to up my game.

Next week I will tidy up what I already have, start to select some artists to research, which I will refine down to a smaller number, and I will start to research into some psychology and sociology theories such as habitus and how design can affect the way people view certain things.


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