Target Audience

I have decided to research into the target audience before I decide on a style, create a moodboard and begin the artist research because they will all depend on the chosen audience to pursue.

I have started off by researching online for charts showing the popularity of books and reading by age. I have chosen this first to get an understanding of what type of customer would purchase any book publishing. Which I found out that from an ‘old’ research sheet that the age range with the most readers started off being the 25 – 34 year olds, however as this age group got older the percentages changed leading to 20 years later the 45 – 54 group being the leader.


This however only represents readers of books, meaning the popularity of book publishing for certain age groups which would only be a minor category within the bookbinding company and that is depending on the client. What I need to know is who uses blank books like notebooks and sketchbooks the most.

This biggest customer of these would be businessmen, Artists and students who would be doing the most writing and sketching. Artists will probably be the biggest users of these as businessmen/women would mostly be using a diary for appointments and a notebook for note taking in a meeting, and students may use them almost as much as artists but the ones that do would most likely be artists themselves.

Thinking this over the target audience should be artists aged between 30 – 50, in order to achieve this I will have to keep the message concise, but keep the design aesthetically appeasing to appeal to artists. The information and point of the designs should be straight to the point and there shouldn’t be too much of it.

The design will most likely need to be kept as minimal and clean to portray a premium hand crafted quality and not to pull away too much from what ever they wish to fill the book with. On the other hand it should contain small points of interest to attract attention and to give the customer a sense of satisfaction when they have discovered tiny hidden messages within quirky decorations which all artists and designers love to uncover and place themselves.




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