Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most used hand-made printing forms, however it isn’t as easy to produce as Lino or the like because the equipment required are huge, this means that it will require the need of the facilities to use this method.

Screen printing is a printing technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto a flat surface, the only limit to what the flat surface is that you can print onto is whether the material can fit under the Rig.

Screen printing is done by either painting or printing onto acetate which is then placed in a vacuum along with the mesh screen which will emboss the design onto the screen. Then the screen is placed onto the rig to keep the screen in place for the duration of your printing, then after turning the suction on and pouring the ink onto the screen above the design you pull down on the squeegee across the design to press the ink onto the page evenly after lifting the rig the design should be on the page.

I have used this method before in the ‘design to sell’ project and will hopefully use in this one again in this one, however that would probably be for any contents in the books and maybe for the designs on the products if I go for a more modern look for my branding, as a traditional probably won’t use much print work with trying to keep it more material based.



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