Embossing is the craft of creating raised images on paper or other materials. The image that has been embossed is slightly raised from the background.(wikipedia,2017)

It is often used on books and metal signs though can sometimes be seen on other formats one such being on business cards.

Embossing is sometimes produced by placing a damp piece of paper, or other material with similar malleability, in between two pieces of hard material with the desired pattern imprinted opposite to each other on either side, pressure is then added to the rig to press the design into the material and then after being left to dry the material will have the pattern raised from the paper.

Another way this effect is produced, mostly on books, is by placing sheets of hard material (most often metal) in between the hardboard of the book and the covering, this raises the areas where the metal is to create the same effect, however because it is supported where it is raised it has a much longer life than the previous method.

The final method is by using machinery to emboss the material, which most likely the method of choice when embossing metals, since a machine can apply pressure a human just cannot, the machine would apply huge amounts of pressure to the material leaving the material raised in certain areas where there has been less or no pressure.

This may very well be a technique I will use in my branding and the making of the books, it could create some really interesting designs, if done right. Though this method may have to be used sparingly as too much could make the design too messy leading to a bad design.

embossing header 06.jpg


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