Stab binding


Made from having two pieces of hard material on both covers with a slight gap in between allowing the book to open. This create quite an unusual looking book with some characteristics that make it look handmade which some will love and some not so much.

This could create a quirky feel about the company branding if used in the design, creating a completely different end result compared to the rest of the binding methods however it is also one of the simplest which if used wrong could make the branding look cheap.

The sewn spine can be designed to have very intricate patterns, however these patterns require careful designing, because in order for a nice pattern both sides need to match.

The process involves taking multiple sheets of paper (All depending on how many you want and can pierce through) with a piece of slightly stronger material on either side for a cover, though it can be one sheet that wraps around both sides like above, however this would require more measurements. Measuring out the number of holes and positioning depending on the chosen pattern make hole using the awl (or something stronger if the paper block is thicker). Using a needle and thread thread through the holes, wrapping around the spine as tight as possible to create a secure bind.

Sheets used in bookbinding workshop

scan-0001 (1).jpg

scan-0001 copy 2.jpg


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