Perfect binding

One of the simplest of the binding methods, it only involves paper (maybe a different type for the cover) and glue. A form of bookbinding in which the leaves are bound by gluing rather than sewing.(Google definition,2017)

This binding method is also the basis for a few other more traditional methods differences being in the covers used, medieval spines were often also flat like they are in this method rather than the common rounded like they are today.

This method may be the best for creating something to attract designers with it’s minimalist qualities though wouldn’t be too good as an empty book for anything more than notes as this binding doesn’t allow for much movement in the spine, limiting what could be put inside.

This is the weakest of all binding methods, the paper can be easily pulled out. Although this is the most used binding method for magazines and catalogues being the one of the easiest to mass produce,

The method to make one of these is to take a block of paper, as thick as needed, spreading glue along one side onto which you then place a strip of mesh covering the whole side which has been glued. Finally a cover would be glued on top of that to increase the protection (Usually being a thick glossy cover when used for magazines.


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