Bradel Binding


Bradel binding is the most popular form of case binding in Germany.

The unique feature that Bradel binding has that other case binding methods don’t is that the covering and spine are joined together before covering, this allows for the cover to be fit precisely to the text block. This allows for the structure to be very suited to beginners whilst still keeping a very clean premium feel.(skin deep,2006)

I feel this technique is one of the more modern looking techniques and almost looks as if it is one of the stereotypical notebook designs, this may not work for the idea of appealing to the nerdy side of designers however for a saleable product for the bookbinding company this technique could work perfectly, if I go through with that I will have to think of some new ways of printing onto the textured fabric.

The bradel binding technique utilises methods similar to that which is used for the calf binding however the spine and the cover section are glued together before the covering is secured.



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