Menu board design development

To add more broadness to my concept over it just being coffee/tea cups I decided to create a menu board for my coffee shop.

The idea of this design is to make it like you are ordering your words off a menu showing that some words can be more expensive or impactful than others like coffee or tea can. I also chose to base it around a café because they often thought of as places to relax and have conversations (meaning words will be used a lot) therefore a great business to base my project around.

At first I tried to keep to the colour schemes of the earlier of the finished designs even adding some more victorian style flourishing used in one of the unused designs.

menu designs.jpg

menu designs 1.jpg

I then decided to make the design more like its drawn on a black board so changed the colour scheme of the menu to be mainly white on black.

menu designs 2.jpg

menu designs 3.jpg

menu designs 4.jpg

menu designs 5.jpg

I changed the design to incorporate the new logo I had created and also simplified the designs somewhat to give it a clean yet rustic feel.


words café menu front.jpg


words café menu back.jpg


words café menu joined.jpg


In action

in action menu.png



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