Packaging design – Coffee

Results of mockup design packaging of coffee cups for coffee shop branding, I a hope of giving my artwork a more practical aspect allowing it to be seen in action.

120z cups

Mass Transit packaging –

12 oz transit coffee.png

Orange Victorian fence coffee –

12 oz orange and blue.png

Orange word choice coffee –

Placing a different word on each coffee cup.

Wonderous Coffee –

12 oz wonderous.png

Courage Coffee –

12 oz courage.png

Uplifting Coffee – 

12 oz uplifting.png

Miracle Coffee –

12 oz miracle.png

Eye-Opening Coffee –

12 oz eye-opening.png

Hypnotic Coffee –

12 oz hypnotic.png

Breathtaking Coffee –

12 oz breathtaking.png

All cups –

12 oz all orange word designs.png

Poster ad –

words coffee no words.jpg

Poster ad with words –

words coffee .jpg

Poster ad with banner –

words coffee banner.jpg

After playing around with a new style, experimenting around trying to create a more unusual menu design I created a new logo for the coffee shop which the majority of people I spoke to preferred.

words cafe interlocking-03.png

So I changed the logos around on the cup design which again people seemed to prefer.

words cafe interlocking-07.png

12 oz elysian esspresso.png

I then began playing around with the order of the chosen colour scheme.

12 oz munificent mocha black.png

12 oz munificent mocha black 2.png

I then decided I liked the orange lid version best so I kept that one. Next I changed the orange for green to make some disposable tea cups. I couldn’t get the green lid to work so I made the tea cup more similar to the second black cup design above.

12 oz soigné silver needle black 2.png

I changed the word on the coffee bag in the background to tea and got rid of the coffee beans in the foreground and replaced them with fresh tea leaves.

I have also changed the words on the cup to make them more connected to ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’ and making all the descriptive words begin with the same letter as the first letter of the blend of coffee/tea using alliteration to increase the impact of the words.

In order to match the final tea cup design I tried making the lid of the coffee cup white.

12 oz munificent mocha black white lid.png



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