Design 5 further development

Design 20


After redrawing the piece in illustrator I started playing around with the different fonts to see what works best.

designs 5 signpainting-01.png

designs 5 signpainting-02.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-03.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-04.png

And then I decided to try out using a different font other than Argö, and since it’s designed to a sign-painted piece I decided to try the sign painting script font. (Which I prefer on this design.)designs 5 signpainting-06.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-07.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-09.pngdesigns 5 signpainting-08.png

Then I began to play around with a few colour schemes.

signpainting design 5-11.pngsignpainting design 5-10.pngsignpainting design 5-13.pngsignpainting design 5-12.pngsignpainting design 5-14.pngsignpainting design 5-15.pngsignpainting design 5-16.pngsignpainting design 5-17.png



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