Artist research – David Harris

Painting with calligraphy on a raised plastic surface.

David Harris is a retired typographer, calligrapher and graphic designer who is also a family friend of mine. He has written two books on calligraphy, ‘Calligraphy’ and ‘The art of Calligraphy’, the latter has been translated  into Chinese.

I have written about him in a previous project before, however when I went to look at the Bournemouth open day, I went to his house after and there when looking at one of his pieces I gained inspiration on how to go about a problem I had thought of for one of my designs in making an old distressed rusty metal poster.

Calligraphic alphabet made using layers of a no nails and sand mixture.

The majority of his work though wouldn’t fit with my style idea as it is too tonal and has too many flourishes for my minimal look, which was leading me to ignore looking into his work at first.


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