Mediums – ideas

Since this project started I have been wanting to make something that looks metalic, whether I’ll stick to that, I don’t know, but most of these ideas will be based around the aesthetics of metals.

Idea 1 – rusty looking info graphic

Initially I wanted to find a way to screen print onto rusty metal, with the intention of making my vintage inspired piece look genuinely old, but having been able to think of any way in which that would work I have come up with a similar looking alternative, which was inspired by some work on display at my Nan’s friend’s house which he had made himself. In the art work he had mixed no nail and sand, to which he layered to make a bumpy texture. From this I thought of using the technique and painting over it to give the illusion of it being real rust. However I have no idea how it’ll work in practice, so I’ll need to do a lot of experimenting if I am to get this to work.

Calligraphic alphabet made using layers of a no nails and sand mixture.


Idea 2 – Stickers

Stickers could be stuck almost anywhere. There are skate stickers which are used either for decoration or to mark that groups territory. There are car stickers which can be used to tell others you are a follower of a certain movement. This could be a good medium to make something tiny that can be placed everywhere, forcing people to notice and my influence some to take action. This medium would be far easier to produce than idea 1, however it may end up costing a lot more and it’s not quite so original.



Idea 3 – engravings

Old vintage posters aren’t normally printed on a flat sheet the metals usually has the design beaten into them, which I could look into. This could lead onto looking into typesetting which probably uses some similar techniques. However this could be a branch off of my first idea.



Idea 4 – cutting the words out

This is an simple but odd idea, I was thinking about maybe having a subtle way of showing words as having power and thought of having the material worn out or cut out where the words would be, making use of negative space to create the look of the words wearing away at the material.

Stencils-44.jpgIdea 5 – large 3D word or short phrase

make a large sign type piece consisting of only a word or very short phrase. Made out of something very sturdy that can withstand quite a bit of weight for example metal or wood.lucky_sign.jpg


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