Style research – Minimalism and Vintage Italian Cycling Posters


An art style that involves using as little as possible, often being just a few objects on a plain background.

History of Minimalism

Minimalism emerged in New York in the early 1960s among artists who were self-consciously renouncing recent art they thought had become stale and academic. A wave of new influences and rediscovered styles led younger artists to question conventional boundaries between various media. The new art favoured the cool over the “dramatic”: their sculptures were frequently fabricated from industrial materials and emphasised anonymity over the expressive excess of Abstract Expressionism. Painters and sculptors avoided overt symbolism and emotional content, but instead called attention to the materiality of the works. By the end of the 1970s, Minimalism had triumphed in America and Europe through a combination of forces including museum curators, art dealers, and publications, plus new systems of private and government patronage.






Italian cycling posters





If I end up doing a minimal typography piece I will look into Bauhaus since the minimal style of typography is too simple and doesn’t give enough information and Bauhaus still has a vintage quality to it, so it still remains suitable for my choice.

Using minimalism I am hoping to make a vintage style info graphic, either being a typographic piece or simple illustration to fit into the style of old cycling posters in Italy, I will be using a stereotypical vintage colour scheme consisting of burgundy, cream and various shades of green.


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