Project Proposal


Name Jobe Jones
Pathway Illustration
Project Title Social Action
In this project the aim is to produce an outcome that will inspire positive change in the audience, the piece can be of any issue and be made using any medium. I will be using the research I have been doing over the past few weeks and the skills I have gained over the previous projects to influence and inspire my ideas during the development of this project to create something unique, unusual, eye-catching and inspiring.
Project Concept
I am interested in the process of indoctrination for my take on this project, I will make a piece focusing on ‘the power of words’. I am interested in how words can have positive and negative impact on society. I aim to create a piece of art that will make people think, and the choice of words they use. To achieve this I will be making a minimalist like piece which will be made in the style of old minimal vintage posters and signs and I will be making the final piece to be one of two extremes, huge or tiny, using this a method to grab the audience’s attention.
Throughout this project I will be reflecting on everything I do explaining everything I’ve done and why I’ve done it. I will also be using the information gained from writing each evaluation and from experimenting with certain ideas throughout to further progress and improve the end product, also improving my future work.

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