Research – Natural disasters

Few decades ago the word tsunami didn’t exist in the english dictionary and no one in the UK knew what one was, this was because they were so rare and only happened once or twice a century and in far off places that wouldn’t have had any news reach most of the world. Only recently have natural disasters become more common, that words to describe these events have become common knowledge.

Most people believe this would be as a result of global warming, however there are other theories on why it’s happening. For example for the christian view, in the book of revelations in the bible it states that in the last days there will be many signs that will signify that they are the last days, one being many great disasters that will cover the globe.

Global warming being that there is becoming to much pollution making the rays emitted from the sunlight unable to leave the atmosphere making the planet heat up melting ice caps causing a rise in sea levels making disasters more common.


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