Initial ideas – revisited

I have decided to create a more classic piece for this project influenced by posters made in the 1950s and 1970s – 80s Italian cycling. It will be an informative graphic, either being a minimalist illustration or a text only piece depending on which issue I choose to pursue.

I know in the artists research I have been thinking about loosening those restraints to allow freedom, however I have begun to consider that the opposite may lead to a more interesting and unusual outcome. When I’m at home alone there is often times where there is nothing in and I much prefer to become creative then go to the shop, therefore those times end up being the times I create the most obscure strange meals, sometimes nice sometimes not, this has led me to consider putting heavy restraints onto myself for this project. It’s just an idea, might not use it.

I have also decided that I will go with one of two extremes, either making a huge end result or making a super small end result with the idea in mind that either of these would be an effective way of attracting peoples attention.


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