Artist research – Thiago Bianchini 


Thiago  Bianchini is an illustrator, designer and entrepreneur from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

His work is often very expressive of the beauty of nature.

He started studying graphic design at 16, where he took an interest in making a living in creating illustrations. He now considers himself an amateur biologist, he is often studying evolution and animals in order to add more depth to his work.


Although his style overall doesn’t fit into the style I want to do for this project I feel there is a lot I can take from his work which would fit very well. For example his work is very much split into a few layers, text, foreground silhouettes, a more detailed Micheline (usually mountains) and the minimal sky. If I used this but change the techniques use to draw it, also using block colour rather than black and white, it could work.



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