Research – Everyone blindly believes everything on the news

Even though everyone knows about ww1 and ww2 propaganda no one seems to think propaganda still exist and blindly believe everything that they are told over the news, social media etc. This makes the ‘seeing is believing’ very relevant to the majority of people today although the definition of believe couldn’t more opposite to this saying. The definition of believe is ‘except that something is true, especial without proof.’

The news is biased to either party in a report, for example they will take the side of one candidate in an election leading to most of the viewers to support the candidate that news station is supporting. The same happens with war one country will make out that the other side is the ‘bad guy’ when they haven’t told the whole truth.

Words can be called THE most powerful thing, they can build someone up, they destroy someone for life, they can corrupt people, they can move nations and sometimes the world. This can been shown through various physiological tests that have happened in the past some horrific but all have impacted the world.


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