Research – A world too reliant on energy

Society now is way too heavily reliant on electricity and their electronics, people get worried when their phones run out of charge and most can’t spend even a day without using some kind of electronic device.

This has led some to worry how people will cope if there is ever a large scale power cut and if they’d even survive.

On a blog by EPA it describes the bloggers experience of being too reliant on electricity and realising how much this is true when all their local power got cut off when there was a massive blizzard which as a result many schools, businesses and government agencies were closed for many days. Because of the regular power cuts they didn’t have any heating or any household appliances, in that time they had to read books to pass the time instead of using their usual electronic based entertainment.

I believe that the way we are headed this will become the truth more and more and will become harder to break away from, making it dangerous if it was ever necessary to leave electronics behind due to war or a disaster.


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