Project Brief

The purpose of your work within this project is to raise awareness of social, cultural or political issues and promote positive change through your practice.  Find something that is important to you in some way, it could be a large world problem or a smaller issue in your local community. You must understand its context, what are the root cause(s) of the issue and how does it affect society?

Within this assignment you will asked to take part in a series of lectures highlighting examples of cultural, economic, racial and political social issues. You will be required to analyse and reflect on the lecture series as well as your own research into your identified issues.

You will write a proposal detailing how you intend to raise awareness / promote productive change in regards to the social, cultural or humanitarian issue that you have selected. Within your project proposal you must outline a detailed plan of action.  You can complete this assignment using a variety of media or platforms which would support your specialist practice and portfolio development but you must evaluate the success of this project in terms of its impact on your identified social action project.

The following work should be recorded in a way which reflects you and supports your developing progression choices.


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