Final evaluation for design to sell project

Overall I feel this project has gone very well, each of the products have been very well liked by most if not all those who have seen them.

I have struggled a lot in this project, though it has been more in my comfort zone than previous projects. The most stressful part by far has been making the keyrings, they would have been easy to produce on any medium if I had been boring and made them with two disks instead of three. Many things have also not gone quite to my original plan but I don’t actually find this to be a bad thing, but more of a thing that naturally happens with all forms of design.

I won’t say that I wish I could’ve gotten things done sooner even though that would’ve been nice and that’s because if I had gotten things done sooner would mean that I wouldn’t have ended up with the outcomes I got, which may have been a good thing or may have been a bad thing. Things being done quicker would mean I wouldn’t have gotten the inspiration I got for developing them in a certain way and I may not have made the same decisions leading to a totally different final product/s. However if I was to have more time I would’ve liked to get my packaging designs finished and made, which could’ve made my products fit together better with a theme and made them look more premium and professional.

In the coming projects I hope to be able to start down the path of creating my own style, so as to make myself stand out from the crowd. I have had many Ideas as to how I would go about this and in many ways it will be heavily influenced by both the good and the bad that has been designed throughout all of the projects I have already done and influenced by artists and drawings I have seen when browsing various artist platforms. In order to achieve this I will need to put more time into improving my skills to reach the level required to be able to take these style ideas from my head to paper.

Finally while there isn’t anything I would really change from the outcomes I arrived at I would have like to have had to time to add a few light improvements and/or additions. I am also very pleased at how my puzzle keyrings have worked out, especially since it was entirely theory behind the designs no physical evidence that it would work, I didn’t know if it’d work until I got the final product printed.


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