Illustration production

I am going to screen print all my pieces for this product on both wood and paper.

Paper prints

I ended up making paper prints solely because we were printing on paper for the screen printing workshop therefore decided since they worked out well I should work with them and Include them in my products to sell.

Acetate prints


Paper prints


I have put one design on the paper prints and the other on the wood prints, primarily because it was easier than repeatedly changing the screen.

Wood prints

These prints have drastically changed from the original design, originally the design was 3 strips of wood forming an A3 sized sheet, however to save buying more wood I changed that so they were A4 instead of A3. With the A3 I could make 1 print with the wood I had and with A4 I could make 3. But then I saw that the circular ‘mind games’ illustration fit better in a square shape and decided to cut back on the number of strips making 4 squares rather than 3 A4 sheets.



In order to attach the two pieces of wood that I printed them on I drew some thumbnail drawings of what I could do to connect them.


The top thumbnail is a permanent fix, both pieces would be glued together with two smaller thinner pieces of wood.

The middle thumbnail is an adjustable fix, there would be multiple pieces of wire connecting the two pieces allowing them to move, however this design would end up very fragile.

The bottom design is a mixture between the first two, a small thin piece of wood would be stuck to one of the main pieces (one on each) and a small hook on the opposite side making it so that the pieces can be split apart yet still staying sturdy.

In the end I decided to keep it simple with the first permanent fix since it is a print and doesn’t need to be a puzzle.


I then tested a few varnishes and waxes I had at home on some offcuts to see if they were okay for my work as I didn’t want one that would make it too dark and there weren’t any clear ones at home, I found that one of the varnishes worked well with the stain colour which I thought look slightly better than the original wood colour.

Next I glued the wood together and weaved a scarf between each print to make sure the varnish doesn’t make them stick together, I was going to use paper to separate them but thought if the paper stuck I’d end up with ripped paper stuck to the prints when I pulled the paper off.

Here is the final product after being glued and varnished.


The paper prints are being sold for £5 and the wooden prints for £10.


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