Keyring Production

Having finished designing the keyring and deciding on using the first pattern design I am now moving onto making them.

Keyring measurements


 Etching Pattern design



Having looked for wood that I could use I have found that the thinest wood is double the thickness of what I need meaning it won’t work, therefore have decided to 3D print it instead even though it won’t give off the same feel and look that I was aiming for. Maybe good colour choice will make up for this.

3D print designs

Piece 1


Piece 2


Piece 3


After a long stressful process of making a 3D model of my product I finally managed to make it in Google Sketchup.

In the end the sketchup files don’t work with the 3D printers in the Fab Lab so ‘I’ve’ had to remake them again to convert them into the correct file type.

I’m not sure of an exact number of keyrings I’ll produce, but it’ll be in the region of 5 – 10, all depending on how many can be made in the time thats left.

I have made 10 3D printed puzzle keyrings here is the final ones.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 13.09.02.png

The keyrings cost me about 55p each to make and I have been selling them for £3.


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