Wooden poster development

This is an alternative for if my sketchbook ends up too expensive to produce.

I saw many of these in most housing decoration shops in north devon therefore thought they could work well for my cover designs and they seem to be very popular at the moment.


After consideration I  have decided that this option will be the one I will progress with out of the sketchbook or this I will still do the key rings though. This option just turns out to be cheaper and easier to produce, I can probably get the wood from scraps some where making the cost almost nothing.

Improving cover designs

design 5 further developments

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 15.52.39.png

starting design


I then decided I didn’t like the ‘exist’ font so tried a few other fonts.

I chose the first font (birds of paradise) to use as I felt it worked best.

After showing many people this piece they thought it said ‘lies only exist in the mind’ instead of what it actually says ‘limits only exist in the mind’.

So I moved that word.


I felt this looked a little thin and like there was something missing, so I started experimenting with shapes and changing the background colour.


And decided I liked the circle behind it the best. I also tried putting a lock behind it, but it didn’t look like a lock when placed behind the image.


Design 9 further developments

I found that I didn’t like the outcome of using the scribble shading and the brush pen effect almost tree like things on top so I chose to redevelop the minimal look of the piece as I also found font chosen didn’t quite work out either.

Which led to the creation of these.


I feel these have come out much better.

Design 14

I don’t feel like this design really needs developing and I can’t see what needs adding to it anyway.


Design 1

I feel this one looks to much like a logo than a illustration piece, so I wont be using that.


Design 8

I don’t see this working on the product I have decided on, therefore again I won’t be using this one either.



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