Product Ideas – not producible ones

I just had an idea that I think would be cool and useful, at least in my opinion. As I was thinking about the Paperback sketchbook and about it’s uses, I thought of how I often come up with my best ideas when I’m struggling to sleep at night and how when that happens I never have a way of jotting them down. So I thought about taking a sketchbook to bed, but I then thought that it wouldn’t be possible to see it, so I then thought of night reading lights you can get and possibly reproducing that but on a pen or pencil so that you can see what your writing without needing a night light and a pencil, they could both be one. However since it’s electronic it’ll be too complicated to make and the light wouldn’t be able to be a normal one it’d have to be a soft light that wouldn’t put strain on your eyes when in a really dark environment.


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