Gift bag/packaging development

Here are a few rough thumbnails of potential packaging designs, these designs would be for a large brown paper bag.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 14.49.33.png

The gift bag will be based off of a cardboard bag you’d put a wine bottle in that you had bought someone as a gift.

The materials I am thinking of using are a brown card and a red patterned card with string and a button.

On the sides of the bag, where the folds are, I will have the pattern that I use on puzzle.

And on the back and front I’ll have the logo I decide on using and some text and possibly some illustrations based around the illustrations I put on my sketchbooks.

Keyring packaging

After some discussion over my idea, I decided to design and create a small box to put the sold keyrings in.

Then at work one day I saw some small boxes used for chocolate cakes on the side and thought that the net for that box would work perfectly, but I would have to alter the scaling of each of the sides on the net because it’s just too big for a pound coin sized keyring.

In terms of design for the graphics side of the box I though of keeping the running theme of a matte brown, maybe even using delivery packaging and repurposing it to use for my box, then I would put my logo choice onto one face of the box and three of the other faces would each have a different pattern on. I could even line the inside of the box with some patterned coloured paper.

Keyring packaging net design:






Needs some reworking in order to make it work with cardboard and it is a bit too flimsy in paper, the walls don’t stay up.



Prototype 2



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