Product ideas – continued 2

I want to have a really rustic look about all my pieces, partly because that is the sort of style like when buying small products and it is also quite popular in general now, especially when being used by typographers.

  • Keychain puzzle made of 3 pound coin size pieces, the three pound coin sized pieces are because of shopping trollies using them for use and there being three because two being slotted together doesn’t like much of a puzzle. I would also try to burn some sort pattern onto each piece.
  • Mug coaster slotted together in a similar way to the keychain to create some sort of plant or creature. Inspiration taken from the cactus mug coaster.


  • Making homemade sketchbooks, they are relatively easy and cheap to make, the only real cost is the price of the paper, the better the paper the better the sketchbook. This would also be really easy to decorate and make it unique, though this means designing a illustration and lettering piece.
  • Making a gift bag, to either sell or to carry the purchased items in, which would be made of brown paper have a handle probably made from a shoelace and having a very rustic clearly printed look.



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