Product ideas – continued

I had a few ideas to merge product ideas to make them either easier or better.

  • I had the idea to merge my 3d puzzle idea with my key ring idea to make it smaller therefore cheaper and more saleable people are more likely to buy a key ring than a puzzle and a puzzle keychain even more so.
  • Also had an idea to make a coffee mug that is mixed with a 3d puzzle to make the coffee mug disassemble-able therefore making it a fun thing to use and making it more portable as people could take it apart so it takes less space in their luggage.

On both of these ideas I could potentially design an illustration, pattern or logo to burn into the wooden puzzle pieces to give them a slightly more appealing look rather than just plain wood.

  • I could even take the 3d wood puzzle idea and incorporate it into the illustrations themselves rather than having the puzzle itself, for example having the puzzle becoming a space station for a clothing or accessory illustration making it into an unusual scene hopefully making the viewer interested in the story in and behind the piece.
  • I recently started reading books, but the other day I picked up the book to find it had been ripped in my bag, so that gave me the idea to make a protective case for the book, so that could end up being another idea. Though I know how I’d make it and I already thought of a design for it, one I don’t know how I’d illustrate it and two I don’t know how I make something out of leather. It’d probably end up expensive too.

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