Portfolio plan

List of works to potentially put in my portfolio:

  • Exeter college Aquatica ornamentals poster

I will place both the original and some remakes I have done.

Original (made in march 2015)


Remakes (made in October 2016)


  • Short Story title

This and the tale of time drawings were both just short drawings I did for fun when I became obsessed with learning the two songs.


  • Tale of Time title


  • Realism Drawings

I will place all my realistic drawings in order so as to show progression, below is an example of one of the more recent ones.


  • Michael’s Dream animation

I will place images of the characters and the scene backgrounds into my physical portfolio the actual video will be on the digital portfolio.

  • Okido project drawing

I will place this close to my animation pictures since they are really similar.



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