Potential Product Research

Initial Ideas on what products I could try to make.

Greeting Cards

Though these may be the most popular and easy to sell of the printed products and one of the easiest to mass produce, they would not be very long lasting, at least not from my experience as I always throw them away when the event has passed. I want to create something that would last slightly longer and be passed/sold on when it no longer has any use for the first owner.


Like greeting cards these may not be kept by some people quite so long, however I do know of people who do collect postcards, though they are mainly ones from places they have visited rather than as a piece of art itself.

Framed Artwork

Most simple of Printed art products, though probably the most boring though one of the most reusable as Printed Artwork is often displayed and the sold on or displayed at many exhibitions, though as with all the products it may not be appreciated for very long if made with the artists interest in mind rather than the audience/consumers tastes.


Could be used slightly longer than the greeting cards and postcards however this may appeal to a female audience rather than a male or unisex one therefore may end up a bit limiting. Though the end product could serve to have multiple purposes.


Probably the most practical product with the most uses however may end up being one the more expensive ones to produce. Having a T-shirt or jumper may be one of the product that could be used the most and have the most value.

List of potential clothing choices:

  • T-shirt
  • Jumper
  • Vest
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Belts


Not an idea with an extremely long lifeline but has a more secure future as it would definitely be used throughout that year as long as it can serve it’s purpose and be practical leaving space to write everything the customer needs to.


  • Cards

Making a card pack designing all the illustrations which could fit into either ‘Mind Games’ or ‘Every Human’ by having the illustrations being illusions, abstract or each card having an illustration of a different human.

  • Board Games

Just creating a simple illustrated board game, could be large, could be small making it portable. A way of making a piece of art enjoyable and entertaining in more ways than just visually.

  • Puzzles

Making a 3D puzzle out of either wood, paper or plastic. However this may end up being not an illustration so it may not work for my pathway and doesn’t really fit into the art direction I want to head towards in the future.


Maybe a bit complicated but I could try to create the casing for a small clock and purchase some clock parts to put inside, though again that would be diverting from illustrating and going towards sculpting or digital design.


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