Artist Research – Kerby Rosanes


Kerby Rosanes is an illustrator from Manila, who gives himself the title of ‘The Doodler’.

Rosanes works a lot with fine liners and watercolours to create his unique style of creating small fantasy doodles from real life.


I am kind of fed up of choosing this artist but his process of working to make a piece of art works too well for the ‘Mind Games’ theme. Rosanes goes for daily walks around his local area drawing in his sketchbook making fantasy scenes out of boring every day objects found in the street like making a block of flats out of a red letter box or a skyscraper out of a flamingo or giraffe like above.

I do like Rosanes’ work despite being reluctant to research him again as i’ve used him in every project so far, I like how his work tells a story in a fun yet clever kind of way. I like how his style of drawing makes animals look slightly cartoony yet realistic at the same time.




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