Artist Research – Jeremy Sorrell


Sorrell is an freelance illustrator from Columbus, Ohio, USA.

He creates artwork using many different mediums like fountain pens, brush pens, fine liners and watercolours. His style involves using styles and techniques used when writing calligraphy and hand written typography and using them in drawings to create dark, abstract yet dreamlike character illustrations.


I like Sorrell’s work as it is unique and I can visualise it working with many things, I also have a keen interest in calligraphy and typography so anything using those techniques also get my attention, I also bought two new calligraphy pens because of this artists work. However despite all of this I can’t see myself ever having piece of his work on my wall or me ever trying to completely copy his style, elements of it definitely but never the whole style, much too dark for me.

I can see this working well for any of the themes in this project. ‘Women Fashion Power’ is often portrayed as quite punk like at times and miss matched therefore with this artist and his scruffy mixed media approach will work for it. ‘Mind Games’ would also work as it is very abstract causing your eyes to play tricks making a clump of messy squiggles look like a detailed image. ‘Every Human’ also works as this artist could show the darker side of the topic.



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