Mind Games

For ‘Mind Games’ I am thinking of creating something abnormal and/or mentally challenging like a puzzle, optical illusion or an illustration with many hidden meanings.

The idea of pursuing ‘Mind Games’ is the driving force behind most of the choices for potential artists to research, the majority of them use either obscure subjects of interest or drawing techniques making them ideal for this theme choice.

Optical Illusions 

This is the first idea I had when I first saw the theme ‘Mind Games’ though I have no idea yet how I would go about creating one. The first thoughts I had when thinking of optical illusions were like that from the monument valley mobile game, negative space and an old book of optical illusions I had when I was little.

Negative Space


Monument Valley



Creating a 3D puzzle was an idea that branched off of the optical illusions and the wooden model my granddad made me when I was studying resistant materials at school and trying to learn to draw exploded drawings.


I would make the 3D puzzle either out of wood as an origami or using a 3D printer, however I have no idea how I could link it to illustration in any way so I’ll probably not use it but it was an idea so I’ll include it.


The next idea I had was to make an abstract piece of art using multiple of the artist’s styles I’ve listed in the initial ideas post and possible some more if I discover some new ones. This is because that the abstract work would in it’s own way play games with peoples minds.

Jeremy Sorrell


Paul Jackson



Propaganda is everywhere, advertising, wartime posters, election posters, packaging etc. everything designed for commercial or political is propaganda. They are designed to influence and manipulate the audience therefore is a ‘Mind Game’ making the whole ‘Mind Games’ theme extremely broad and open to anything. However I am more leaning toward trying to do a more abstract and unusual piece of work as I have been trying to make my own style by using the influence of Kerby Rosanes and Jeremy Sorrell and mixing it with calligraphy.


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