Every Human

For ‘Every Human’ I am thinking of doing a more simple almost serious approach to the task where I’d use portraiture and hidden messages to subtly tell a story about the person in subject, not sure if that would be a realism drawing (may end up impractical production and sales wise, however it may end up being my only opportunity to use a realism drawing) or if like the ‘Mind Games I would make it abstract using unusual techniques and materials.


Using portraiture to tell a story like photographers do with their work, subtly showing the history and background of that individual using the clothing, lighting, scars and wrinkles. I could either do this as a drawing or a sculpture, realistic or abstract and detailed or minimal.









Hidden Meaning

Using Hidden Meanings in the image itself to allow the audience to try to figure out the true meaning and intention behind the piece, or taking something that would be offensive and diluting it by making it humorous like banksy does in his work.


Children’s Book/Nursery Rhyme Illustration

This idea could fit with either of the ‘Mind Games’ or ‘Every Human’ as children’s books and nursery rhymes both use morals and hidden meanings within so both can really just fit in the hidden meanings section. With this I could make bookmarks, postcards etc.


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